Travel Technology Companies

How Travel Technology Companies can save costs for you and growing online trade on their IT budget?

Travel technology companies

 often talk to developing a travel portal, API / XML and back-office system, it is a big deal. Even the cost of the license is going above ceiling. We believe that if travel technology development costs low, travel companies get faster return on investment and thus relation with companies for long term. Winning proposal for travel technology company and travel agency or tour operator.
Another major activator for low development costs is demographic place ie India, which restricts the availability of highly efficient resources at a fraction of the cost outside India. Batra Travel Tech is a 

travel technology company

 providing updated technology solutions in the tours and travel domain.
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Travel Portal Development Company

Batra Travel Tech, A leading 

travel portal development company

 offering remarkable website solutions for All kind of travel companies. We have a team of professionals and experienced developers. Our aim is to fulfill the requirement of every travel companies.
We enable proactive design to meet high standards with strength constraints. Making responsive design is an important step so user can use website easily on mobile.

B2C means Business to customer. Defines an online booking system integrate and merged with all travel products and integrated API from multiple suppliers.

B2B means Business To Busines. A platform that integrates flight booking engine, hotel and vehicle booking engine for your B2B Partner.

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GDS Global Distribution System


Global Distribution System

, a centralized computer network / Platform operated and owned by companies that allows transactions between travel management service providers, specially airlines, hotels and travel agencies. The GDS primarily provides real-time inventory detail (such as available flight seats with fare detail, available hotel rooms and room detail or the availability of cars for hire) to service providers. Travel agencies have confidence in GDS for travel services, Product and rates to provide different services of travel product to the end consumers. GDS can integrate various services and make booking for fares available in all travel areas such as airline tickets, hotel room reservations, car rental products and services.
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CMS - Content Management System


 stands for 

content management system

 is a software or a web application that is used to manage the content of a website such as creating new content and modifying existing digital content. CMS is commonly used for Web Content Management (WCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Enterprise Content Management (ECM) supports multi-user corporate environments for digital asset management, document management, and records management. Alternatively, Web Content Management (WCM) provides web page content for website authoring, creation of new content, management of existing content, storage, and publish the web content which may in various forms such as text, graphics, audio, video, etc.
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Travel Website Development

Batra Travel Tech is a leading 

travel website development company

, providing user friendly web design and development services to our customers using the latest technology. Batra Travel Tech provides complete travel portal development, GDS integration, third party API and XML integration, LCC flight integration, flight and hotel booking software solutions and development for B2B and B2C customers. Using the latest technology, we developed our booking system Which gives us the benefits of engineering and data science superiority in the travel industries inspires us to stay ahead of our competitors.
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Introduction to Travel Technology

The travel technology development of the IT industry now makes travel much easier than in earlier days. Standing in queues for reservation is a big issue. Now everything is just a matter of few clicks and normally accessible from any place of the world. These days there is yet more easy way out, you can contact the operating agencies arranging various trips, vacations, leisure plans and business travels. Through introduction of travel technology (a new phase of IT industry) they have a good network and access to each and every kind of new accommodation, food outlets, vehicle for travel and other utilities of travel.
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Travel Technology Services

Flight Booking Engine


flight reservation

 is one of the deciding parts of any 

flight booking engine

. The goal of any company is to maintain a name in the industry as well as to grow their business. 

Flight booking engine development

 plays a main role in obtaining the main goal for the company. An 

flight booking software

 which works with universal GDS systems like Amadeus, Galileo and LCC flight reservation system. A good flight booking engine is the merger of the GDS 

flight booking system

 with LCC flights which helps in providing the best information of all available flights from various suppliers. Majority of travel companies are searching for development 

airline booking system

 these days for real-time data accessibility on one click...

Hotel Booking Engine

Batra Travel Tech a leading travel technology development company developed best 

hotel booking engine

 for travel companies. Best online hotel reservation systems with CRS (Central Reservation System) is also a part of Batra Travel Tech development. This XML / API integration provides access to the users a wide range of data available online. Any travel portal can integrate its portal with XML / API to access hotel inventory worldwide with all established best hotel booking engines and rather than taking users from the travel agents booking portals can directly book the best hotel. Batra Travel Tech will be the best choice for hoteliers, searching best hotel booking engine development company...

Car Booking Engine

We develop the best 

car rental online reservation software

 for your travel business. While development the portal we try our best to make it user friendly and easy, while working with architecture of Batra Travel Tech online 

car reservation system

, absolutely all the features were included. Batra Travel Tech offers acomplete car rental reservation software that combines complete solutions provided by many suppliers without affecting the speed and accuracy. Our 

car booking software

 mainly helps in increasing sales of agencies rendering in 

car rental service

. Our best car booking engine provides our vast inventory to users worldwide...

Bus Reservation Software

The system is created to automate the seat reservation online network. We have developed best applications that making easier not just picking up the right seat for the user, but pick up the best price too. With the vast spread network in different places, all the routes are covered well in the system. Managing all the detail like passenger and seating details, schedules, seat availability check, everything set perfectly according to the market needs and demands...

Transfer Booking Engine

The popularity of transfer booking engines development is increasing nowadays within the travel portals as the customers are searching for online transfer bookings on a single platform with hotels and flights booking, which ultimately gives you more profit to your portal. Batra Travel Tech is working with a myriad of transfer service suppliers around the world, enable transfer bookings at all international and major airports. Whether a travellers group of people searching for a mini-bus or your user needs a private vehicle...