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  Posted on by Pawan Batra

GDS (Global Distribution System)GDS, Global Distribution System, a centralized computer network / Platform operated and owned by companies that allows transactions between travel management service providers, specially airlines, hotels and travel agencies. The GDS primarily provides real-time inventory detail (such as available flight seats with fare detail, available hotel rooms and room detail or...

Technology Revolutionizing Travel and Tourism

  Posted on by Prashant Malhotra

The fact that almost all the travel & technology industries roam around technology is a mindless one. Travel agencies and businesses operating on offline ticketing are rapidly closing down and the reason for this is the market, a market where consumers are too much rely on technology. Offline is not on the radar as the terms of online travel aggregators (OTAs) and travel counselors / agents are being...

Latest technology discovery

  Posted on by Prashant Malhotra

Nowadays e-commerce enterprises are providing value-added services through a system-driven chat tool, providing technical intelligence. Chat-bots are a common occurrence, have you heard of Apple's Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant?The term "chat-bot" is derived from the chat + robot, which gives a pleasant experience through auditory or textual methods. Chatbots can be adopted and used on...

Travel API Integration

  Posted on by Pawan Batra

Batra Travel Tech is a travel technology company which provides world class comprehensive software solutions and support services for travel & tour domain across the globe. Services include LCC API Integration, GDS Integration, Travel API Integration, XML Integration, Portal Development and more. Travel APIs are primarily online services packages for receiving travel offers from various travel service...

Travel Technology Companies

  Posted on by Mamta Yadav

Travel Technology Companies Batra Travel Tech is an travel technology company, delivering online travel technology software including flight booking software, hotel booking software, bus seat reservation software, car reservation software and tour holiday packages CMS. Our travel portal software is specifically for small travel agents, tour operators, travel management companies, aggregators and B2B,...

Best travel management technology

  Posted on by Mamta Yadav

There are innumerabletravel management companiesin the world, but what makes you best in the mob, that's the question to understand! There are no shortcuts or mantras for becoming a successful travel management company, but here are ways you can be the best and a popular travel management company is suggested.Global data analysis provide data that every year around 60% people travels across the world...

Introduction to Travel Technology

  Posted on by Tarun Narang

Introduction to Travel Technology (New phase of IT Industry)The travel technology development of the IT industry now makes travel much easier than in earlier days. Standing in queues for reservation is a big issue. Now everything is just a matter of few clicks and normally accessible from any place of the world. These days there is still an easier route, customer can contact to the agencies which arranging...

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