GDS Global Distribution System

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GDS (Global Distribution System)


, Global Distribution System, a centralized computer network / Platform operated and owned by companies that allows transactions between travel management service providers, specially airlines, hotels and travel agencies. The GDS primarily provides real-time inventory detail (such as available flight seats with fare detail, available hotel rooms and room detail or the availability of cars for hire) to service providers. Travel agencies have confidence in GDS for travel services, Product and rates to provide different services of travel product to the end consumers. GDS can integrate various services and make booking for fares available in all travel areas such as airline tickets, hotel room reservations, car rental products and services. GDS is a network / platform that enables travel companies and their customers to access travel product details, compare all options and book travel needs.

What is the importance of GDS to a travel company

Imagine that there are several tables inside a large room and the reservation staff of airlines are sitting at every table. A ticketing request arrived and a reservationist reached out to all tables to get the best fare and other details for the requested criteria. The reservationist performs a search on all tables to meet all the criteria for the requested ticket and gives details to book it. He received the written ticket manually. This reservation process takes too much time. Now the modern GDS (Global distribution system) evolved with technology from this initial hard manual system. Travel agents and agencies now use more sophisticated GDS to find the best available flight options and accommodation for their customer with the best available fare. Agents can make real time bookings for their client for airline tickets and hotel rooms, plus they will complete their search and booking within minutes with the help of GDS. GDS also supports many high traffic travel portal sites by providing API service to share all details on the portal.

Most famous GDS systems are:

  • Amadeus
  • Sabre
  • Galileo
  • Worldspan
  • Abacus

Benefits of GDS (Global Distribution System)

  • Better connectivity 24 X 7. Travel agents can book from GDS anytime from any place of the world.
  • Easy and effective way of marketing your hotel through GDS. As GDS is widely used by travel companies and travel portal nowadays.
  • Always get updated information. It will be available to everyone as soon as hotelliers update their inventory information or fare on GDS.
  • Travel companies and their customers have all options for booking on a single window to compare and book.

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