IATA registration to become an IATA agent

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IATA Registration - Become an IATA Agent

If you are a travel agent and already working in this field or want to become a travel agent. Recognition by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) is worthwhile. As a travel agent who is IATA licensed, you can hold the highest standards in the industry for travel management professionals. To get IATA accreditation, you must meet all the IATA requirements.

How you can become an IATA Agent

Steps to be followed for applying for IATA accreditation:
  • Be sure to meet the local criteria specified in TAH (Travel Agent Handbook - A complete document for all IATA accredited travel agents)
  • Read the application guide carefully according to your country.
  • Complete your Application and Submit as specified in the Application Guide of IATA for your country
  • Pay the accreditation fees as described in the guide.
Any registered travel agency can apply for IATA accreditation and get the benefit of being an IATA accredited travel agent. Applicants must meet the minimum IATA criteria required for the specified country to be accredited. The minimum criteria for accreditation of IATA for the country in which you conduct your business can be divided into four main categories:
  • General
  • Financial
  • Staff competence
  • Security and Safety

Benefits of IATA accreditation

IATA certification is considered one of the basic resources for travel agencies as most flight bookings are done through the IATA Certified Portal. To make a booking from IATA, the travel agent must be registered with the IATA as an travel agent. However, with IATA it is possible to sell flight tickets even without accreditation.
  • Single sales agency agreement with IATA allows access to international and domestic ticket sales
  • Unique Identity in the Global Travel Industry with IATA Code
  • Use of "IATA Accredited Agent" logo providing credibility and visibility on your website and inside your office.
  • Standard Procedures for Dealing Fairly with Airlines

To become an IATA travel agent

International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the airlines of world. IATA provides comprehensive training and professional development services for travel agents. IATA recognition is a very important seal of recognition globally. It is most important for a travel agencies to consider being an IATA member and enjoy access to the range of benefits.
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