JSON XML API Integration

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JSON / XML API Integration

Travel API Integration - Rest / Soap API Integration Solution

Batra Travel Tech provides hassle-free integration of third-party API Rest or Soap (Json / XML) APIs into your existing web portal. our company provides soap / rest API integration services for flight booking, hotel reservation, bus booking, car rental reservation, international transfer booking.
Flight XML API Integration
Car XML API Integration
Bus XML API Integration
Hotel XML API Integration

XML API Integration for travel companies to business growth online

Give your customers a wide range of options from flight XML (Rest / Soap) API booking, hotel XML API booking, bus XML API booking, car XML API booking and much more by access to GDS and external content with our XML integration services

  • Flight API Integration
  • Hotel API Integration
  • Bus API Integration
  • Car rental API Integration
  • Transfer API Integration

Best API integration service for tour operators, travel agents and travel management companies developed by Batra Travel Tech. Travel companies can expand their customer bookings with flight booking, hotel booking, bus booking, car rental and JSON / XML API integration.

Flight Booking API Integration

Flight Booking XML API Integration The travel sector is becoming very competitive with advance technology and thus online flight booking has become increasingly competitive. Our experience and skills in Third Party Flight XML / Rest (Json) API Integration are benefiting travel management companies, tour operators and many other travel businesses. Batra Travel Tech can help you in the best possible way if you have an online travel portal that requires Flight XML / Json API integration.

Hotel Booking API Integration

Hotel XML API Integration Batra Travel Tech's Hotel XML / Rest (Json) API integration service can help travel agencies offer more options for hotel searches on their travel portals. Integration of Batra Travel Tech's Hotel API on your travel portal will provide you detailed information to your customer such as price, hotel name, brand, room type, star rating, trip-advisor rating, location, specialities and many more for your search results. Many travel companies prefer online booking to meet the competition and grow their travel business. Hotel XML API Integration is an ideal choice for hoteliers and travel companies who want to improve their visibility to deliver effective and most favorable search results to their customer. Batra Travel Tech can provide you with the best solution, if looking for a hotel booking website solution or third party XML / Rest (Json) API integration.

Car Rental API Integration

Car Rental XML API Integration Batra Travel Tech develop and design complete car booking engine for taxi companies and travel agency according to their requirement. Our team will provide you with an integration solution if you have a car rental website. The integration of the car rental API on your travel portal not only makes your car booking engine more interactive, but also brings more clarity and detail information to your travel portal. While development the portal we try our best to make it user friendly and easy, and working with architecture of Batra Travel Tech online car reservation system, absolutely all the features were included.

Car rental solution as follows:

  • Car rental XML API integration
  • Car rental portal design and development
  • Car rental booking engine development
  • Transfer booking engine development

Bus Booking API Integration

Bus XML API Integration Bus reservation software integration is a very important module of travel technology. The main objective of Integration of bus booking APIs on your travel portal can help you in real time seat selection and booking you bus seat online. The benefits of XML API integration give you many options from the seats available for online ticket reservation. Bus reservation system allows you to manage your schedule routes, availability of seats, passenger details and their booking information etc. in your database of travel portal.

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