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Latest technology discovery

Nowadays e-commerce enterprises are providing value-added services through a system-driven chat tool, providing technical intelligence. Chat-bots are a common occurrence, have you heard of Apple's Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant?

The term "chat-bot" is derived from the chat + robot, which gives a pleasant experience through auditory or textual methods. Chatbots can be adopted and used on many platforms such as smartphones, web and other popular messenger based applications such as Facebook Messenger. Such programs are usually developed to explain how someone would treat their participating partner through text or voice. A user can ask a question or give it a command to chatbot, and it responds by taking the requested action. Being a computer software kit, it is considered to be an excellent example of technology and artificial intelligence.

In simple terms, they are interactive types of information tools. many business websites are getting help of such tools to make their websites user-friendly and active for customers. Instead of reading static information and seeking help, dynamic information is embedded, making it easier for websites to handle.

Indian AI solution company popularly known as Niki.AI. has helped many using their similar operating tool, software development tool kit or SDK.

It is a small task, a 1 MB unit, SDK leases language processing and machine learning technologies. This allows multiple mass of brands to upgrade the app experience, increase customer retention, create new customers and monetize the customer unit, and more.

The famous bus booking service is using (

latest technological discovery

) chat bot technology to increase ticket sales.

OYO becomes a brand name for the network of hotel it offers same at affordable rates are in a partnership with the Niki. AI group which allows the users a system where they can book an OYO room using chat.

Sachin Jaiswal is the CEO of Niki.AI, according to him, They are making artificial intelligence (AI) available to all, be it enterprise or consumer. This chat interface is actually a help for many people who have access to the online world. The best thing is to have a chat-bot integrated on your portal to help you interact with your customers worldwide, if your business is international. A chat-bot will provide a 24/7 customer support and will be in working condition throughout the year. A chat-bot will help you to get customers who are searching for the required products and services from your portal at no extra cost.

Company also offers many free apps for different-usability. Hotels, to events, to bills, more than life treatment with Nikki. AI and its new 

discovered software development kit

Develop your 

travel portal

 with this chat bot fun!

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