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Technology Revolutionizing Travel and Tourism

The fact that almost all the travel & technology industries roam around technology is a mindless one. Travel agencies and businesses operating on offline ticketing are rapidly closing down and the reason for this is the market, a market where consumers are too much rely on technology. Offline is not on the radar as the terms of online travel aggregators (OTAs) and travel counselors / agents are being replaced by online curated content. The reason for a psyche of traveler's is very much different from that of a few years ago, with solo trips and groups of friends trips becoming the standard, as trends show a steady decline in traditional family trips.

Growth of Internet Users

Desktop or website bookings are the backbone for travel industry or booking, including flight tickets, hotels booking, car and bus ticket. But the trend is slowly moving towards mobile applications with confidence to the people. Online travel booking has been in India since early 2000s, but like other online services, it was considered fraudulent and not appropriate. In the mid-2000s, mobile phone usage drastically increase in India with 400 million Internet users, Despite the initial lack of interest, much has been given to the development of online-based services. IT boom in the country has given its talent pool, which gives rise to better software day by day, it has share in the online travel booking industry.

Startups and the IT Industry

Talking about the Technology - IT relationship, startups in India and step into the travel & Tourism market, hitting the jackpot when they don't go overseas for growth. It is a win-win situation for everyone in the picture, low-cost efficient work for companies and great results for users. The user interface goes a long way for roping in the customer. Excellent front, booking with precise accuracy coupled with a cheek-less back-end algorithm has led to a hassle-free experience for everyone. This is purely dealt with the quality of technological developments present at home and the constant ability to restructure with the day, travel technology has been found for where it is now. When it comes to mobile booking, Asia has kept itself afloat due to the stiff competition and continued growth of OTAs in the South-East, Middle East and Subcontinent, leaving Europe and America behind. Local people have shown that areas and great consumer responsibility is prominent.

Change in Approach

Travelers no longer want to take guides, or it seems to be the trend. Many of the travelers believe in authentic experiences rather than the prescribed schedule of old. To see everything Immersing in the local culture is now a top priority. If you have not visited a place once, there is no way to know reliable experiences. Technology makes the bridge here. Travel blogging websites and social media are the number one source for researching the places where you are about to travel. In general, the percentage of 18–50 year-old travelers, getting a go above 60%. These are the main catches, who are capable to fund trips or even tour on their own. They create the bulk of the market. With the correct age group in the discussion, it is easy to conclude that there is no way to circumvent the technology in travel. A traveler has to use his mobile phone at least once to book a trip. As long as a person is not completely comfortable or hippy, the internet is your best friend on the road.

Social Media and Internet

Internet and social media had to play their role. Most obvious facts is that all these techs need internet to work. A non-relative subject has become more and more an adjunct to the online travel space, becoming a marketplace of its own. Nowadays, in addition to TV commercials, you receive offers for hotel rooms to force you to buy, even if there is no need, social media content and travel blogs gives the most authentic and subtle hints to take that next trip. Hotel and airlines brands, including OTAs, use bloggers and influencers for their luscious and pleasant content, and in the same way small brand placement has prompted more people to pre-pack their bags. There is no exact number but the number of people for a good journey has been largely affected.

Technology was invented to growth. Technology makes life easier in every way. The expansion of technology has changed and is influencing everyone about travel even remotely. It has done everything fast and slowly but surely, we are positive that the travel & tourism industry will be made everything technology.

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