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Batra Travel Tech is a travel technology company which provides world class comprehensive software solutions and support services for travel & tour domain across the globe. Services include LCC API Integration, GDS Integration, Travel API Integration, XML Integration, Portal Development and more. Travel APIs are primarily online services packages for receiving travel offers from various travel service providers worldwide. Travel API integration for hotels, flights, Car, Bus and GDS integration, implemented by travel companies to get travel offers online. Maintaining a right set of products and services at competitive prices is relevant to long-term business survival. Does not matter how many attempts you have made on traffic generation and promotion, you will not get fruitful results until the API integration is completed. There has been ease in the travel industry due to API integration. With the application of Travel Portal, travelers can get any information about travel at their fingertips. They can go through the myriad airline options, hotel options, sightseeing and vehicle fares worldwide. Using travel portal, user can get info about any modifications in the details of flight, airline etc. In addition, they receive prompt notice of any changes to their booked product.

API of third-party integration is the best way to get the bulk of important information. The Provider of Hotel API allows the access to various hotel deals while the Provider of Flight API enables the number of flights to be eliminated. In a short time span, the Travel Portal solution receives excellent feedback from end users. Travel API integration gives users the integrity to search for any type of information. End users can access details through online service from any corner of the world. It is very important to know what the customer is exactly looking for and which competitors are serving them. Absence of knowledge may result that your competitors get your traffic.

Travel API (XML / Rest) Integration

Batra Travel Tech is known as Travel Portal Developers who provide travel XML / Rest API integration with great team effort in fulfilling every responsibility. We provide in-depth support in Travel API XML / Rest API integration that is integrated with various service providers around the worldwide travel market. Through our extraordinary support, we help deploy XML functionality on the Travel Portal. Every member of our team has expertise in their required area and every solution requires a lot of experience and efforts. The capabilities you are looking for, our capabilities always match your requirement. Entire Travel Portal development ensures compatibility and proficiency in XML API integration. In addition, the skilled person has the knowledge to deal with hotel booking API, flight API, car API, bus API providers, etc. Third-party APIs make it easier to connect with different travel service providers, collect data, organize and transmit that data. Our customer gets real-time support to handle all their essential information and data.

Third Party API Integration

Third party API integration enables an perfect fussion of the ideal integration of available technologies. API Integration Increases Achievement Rates for Highly comming Plans. Using this method, the developer gets additional time to develop the exact solution. Also, the period has been adjusted to strengthen the necessary plans. Third party APIs become a great option for companies that have limited time and resources to finish work. For example, the cost of the flight booking API is reduced with the services of the travel API provider. Reducing costs at each stage reduces costs at higher levels such as travel portal development costs. API integration requires professional knowledge and practice. This is an important part of travel portal development. If it is not integrated properly, the customer experience may have opposite consequences. This is better to go to third-party API integration to avoid this situation. Improvement of travel portals makes it more attractive and improves business options. Most portal owners are insisting on third party APIs to earn more profit.

Travel API Provider

With the advent of the travel API, the control of web-based flight, hotel, Car and bus booking APIs becomes quite clear. Travel companies develop web-portals and APIs to market their production through the Internet. Booking in flight, air and other travel related services eventually increases. Apart from travel APIs we are proficient in providing API integration services for cruises reservation, vehicle fare and travel package booking, etc.

Web Service Integration by API developer

Travel XML API integration is an essential part of a travel portal with multiple suppliers of flight, hotel, car, bus and other travel service. Travel related product's data and price Collation for your online system can be time consuming and challenging. Hence

If you need a real-time list of all hotels, airlines and cars, you can consume a single travel API or XML. All content can be from an online travel agent.

If you want to select and choose different supplier APIs / XMLs, you can integrate with each of them separately for XML. We can assist you in API / XML integration services from any supplier. If you are a consolidator, we can develop an API / XML service for you, which you can distribute to others.

Our team members specialize in travel domain and we have integrated multiple APIs from a wide variety of suppliers. APIs enable online travel agencies or agents to use global travel content such as hotel data, pictures, room details, rates from various suppliers. Our team has good experience integrating flight ticket booking APIs for AMADEUS, GALILEO and various hotel suppliers around the world.

Custom and multiple XML / API integration benefits over a single aggregate

  • custom software development and XML integration have many advantages compared to readymade single APIs.
  • Direct prices from original suppliers and no share of margin through intermediates (single API provider)
  • Long term benefits.
  • Flexibility in design, development, integration and implementation
  • Full control of system
  • Freedom from third party vendor's product strategy
  • Undisputed intellectual property rights
  • Unlimited scaling and customization

Benefits of Single Integrated API Integration over Custom and Multiple API Integration

  • No contract with multiple suppliers
  • Quick and Easy to integrate
  • Low cost of XML integration and development
  • Suitable for Start-ups

We are actively involved in all phases of the project and provide support whenever you need us. Modifications and enhancements are welcome at any stage of the project according to the needs of your business. We ensure full support to give you a market edge.

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