Travel Portal Development Company

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Travel Portal Development Company

Batra Travel Tech, A leading

travel portal development company

offering remarkable website

solutions for All kind of travel companies

. We have a team of professionals and experienced developers. Our aim is to fulfill the requirement of every travel companies. Our efforts was directed to the invention of best

solutions for travel business.

Our specialization

  • Design Website / Portal
  • Development travel portal For B2C and B2B both
  • GDS Integration and testing
  • API/XML Integration ad testing
  • Back-office of travel portal 
  • Tour-packges CMS

Travel Portal Development's Types

B2B Module

B2B means Business To Busines. A platform that integrates flight booking engine, hotel and vehicle booking engine for your B2B Partner. B2B

travel portal integrate

and transfer data among your partners involved. 

Features include in B2B module :
  • Admin Management
  • Agent Management
  • Tour Operator company Profile Management
  • Rule Engine to Set Discount / Markup
  • Monitor Booking / Reservation Update
  • Reports for Pending, Failed or Cancel Reservation
  • Booking Voucher, Invoice and Credit Notes
  • Multiple API Integration


  • Increase your Business Growth by Creating Franchisee / Agent
  • Enhanced your booking sales
  • Reduces expenses for operating specially for small agents
  • Market Expansion
  • Centralised all booking data

B2C Module

B2C means Business to customer. Defines an online booking system integrate and merged with all travel products and integrated API from multiple suppliers. B2C module adds and transfers information of campaign elements direct to the customers.

Feature includes in B2C Module

  • Integrated with Completely Active and reliable payment gateway.
  • Highly Personalized Operations
  • Easily Make Offers using Coupons (Instant Discount, Cash-back etc.)
  • Mobile-Friendly Platform
  • Integrated GDS and LCC API
  • Authorised Platform To Cheapest AirFare Airlines reservation system
  • Manage Database Of Travel Content (CMS)
  • Process Data of Millions Hotels Involved Pictures, detailing and Google Map Integration.
  • Enquiry Following Status Updates
  • Rule Engine for Price Handling
  • Account Reports
  • Business booking data Management
  • Cost And booing benefit analysis


  • Reduces Troubles Of Business
  • Your Business Image Brand
  • Platform for better communication
  • Connectivity With Numerous Supplier to Get The Cheapest Price
  • Centralised Sales
  • Reliable Payment Gateway Integration

Travel Portal Development Services We Provide

Travel portal development

services streamline the travel process. It integrates various elements with GDS / XML or rest API.

Services include :

Airline Ticket Booking

Integrate your airline ticket booking system with Flight GDS and LCC via XML or Rest API. It helps to gain access to full database of airline company. Also a reliable and secure payment gateway is integrated.

Hotel booking

Integrate a strong Hotel Booking System with advanced XML or Rest API integration. Integration resulted improved search practice. Approve a spectrum of hotels with Advanced XML or Rest API integration applications.

Travel Portal

Develop B2B OR B2C travel portal for your company. This will include advanced hotel XML or Rest API, flight GDS, cab or other relevant APIs. Also a reliable and secure payment gateway is integrated.

Vehicle (Car/Bus) Reservation

The link with the advanced API allows your vehicle (car / bus) booking system to access for the available vehicle with the best fare option. Reliable and secure payment gateway is integrated for executing payment safely.

Tour Package Enquiry

Combine effective Content Management System (CMS) to create itinerary for the complete tour package with all the detail and image gallery with enquiry following status system to follow-up for the enquiry for the specific package.

Travel Portal Development Features

  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Backed- With advanced Technology
  • Exclusive discount coupon management
  • Mobile Oriented

How We Work As A Travel Portal or Travel Website Development Company

As anticipated, developing a great travel portal solution is not a difficult task. A person requires is a well-planned plan and a good objective. What we mainly consider including portal development.


Eye catching graphics and user-friendly layout are the most important things that attract ursers and gives more visitors. We design appealing designs for travel portal. The way a website appears attracts the visitors. Providing user-friendly platform supported with advanced technology makes your company business a success. Special travel scenes that bring results.


We enable proactive design to meet high standards with strength constraints. Making responsive design is an important step so user can use website easily on mobile. This is what really appeals to visitors for a complete booking in a short time. Effective travel portal development allow details like price, flight time, maps, latest news etc. This ensures you the better users experience for a better booking experience. A better experience will increase booking.

Integration API

This includes third party APIs such as travel service providers and a secure reliable payment gateway integration. Booking an attractive journey is the biggest concern of the travellers. Passengers need timely and accurate information for uninterrupted travel. This may not be possible for tourism companies without good connectivity with suppliers. Travel portal development involves integration with various service providers that give users the best value.


Testing, solution to support travel sector companies. A website has to be tested in various ways for effective result.

  • Provider Testing - Checking the connectivity between supplier and the request made.
  • Functional testing - Examining the system for operational requirement. This basically ensures that the functions are delivering results as per user needs.
  1. Module testing
  2. Integration testing
  3. System testing
  • Security Testing - It has to be executed to find errors in the security process. Found error should be fixed on time.


Optimized and high standard portal development services under stringent time. End users can take advantage of the developed travel portal. It is our responsibility to correct each and every error as and when found.

How Travel Portal Development Solution Is Proving To Be A Profit For Your company?

We understand facts that each and every companies is run for profit. Getting customer confidence is the key to extra customer. Travel portal solutions make your company standout between the large audience. Portal business is proving to be a profitable factor for travel businesses.

Some Benifits are

  • Provide real-time updated content.
  • Handling management and handling expenses.
  • Better customer service.
  • Save valuable time and cost.
  • Tatkal booking system for flights, hotels and travel packages etc.

The Future of Travel Portal Development

Travel portal achievement is mainly related to two major areas such as flight and hotel booking. The travel sector has faced major changes in terms of use of technology over the years. No doubt that technology has brought huge benefit for travelers and travel agents. Improvement can be measured through increased use of websites and business applications.

What Is Web Travel Portal ?

The web portal serves as an online booking system for both B2B and B2C. It provides important features to all end users at the same point. Batra Travel Tech is a travel technology company which provides world class comprehensive software solutions and support services for travel companies & tour domain across the globe.

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