Travel Technology Company

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Travel Technology Company

Batra Travel Tech believes in simplified travel by bringing technology to the feature. Our aim is to revolutionize travel technology, by introducing easy ways to integrate travel management with the online world. We provide customized and supreme quality support & services.

Our content customers believe in our expertise and authenticity as a

travel technology company

. They rely on our dedication to innovative

travel technology

and experience.

We tried to provide innovative ideas for the best booking software for flight, hotel, car, bus and transger service for your choice of Galileo, Amadeus or third party API provider like Travel Boutique Online (TBO) API. We will be your best online technology partner. We adopt the customer's vision, we look through our customer's eyes to ensure that we provide you with the best results as you expect.

When your travel company's users  use technology from Batra Travel Tech on your travel portal, they plan their entire journey by gaining real-time access of flights, hotels, cars, buses and other products at a single plateform.

When you partner with Batra Travel Tech, you can provide your customers with much of airlines, hotels, a plethora of holiday packages, 100s car for rent, cruise, bus, travel insurance and travel experiences around the world. You can offer your customers worldwide online travel solutions on a single platform with quick and easy access to all products.

Integration of multiple suppliers

Batra Travel Tech Architecture provides you with a powerful search and booking engine with multiple suppliers for various travel products. Therefore, you can integrate APIs of transportation, flights, hotels, car rental and other services from multiple suppliers. You do not need to worry about prices, allocations, times or other detail. It is all set online with all the details from your supplier.

Additionally, We also support our customer with:

  • Best support for new travel technology
  • Increase margin by set rules for discount / markup
  • Constantly improve their online strategy
  • Successfully setup your brand in the online market
  • Market your products online to a great success
  • API Integrations

About Our Team

We, the powerful minds behind Batra Travel Tech, became a team and in the year 2017 started working together for travel technology. The team is filled with skilled professionals, who are widely experienced in technology of travel and tourism services. We have worked with many IATA approved travel companies and travel agency, providing us with maritime knowledge of the travel industry!

We have a brilliant and talented team to solve your every need for your travel company. We have professional developers to understand your work and will fulfill your requirement through your development journey.

Our main focus is helping customers achieve their business goals through their website / portal.

What made us click?

We are in development of B2B / B2C travel portals / web-sites, mobile apps, payment gateway integration, flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, car rental software, bus reservation software, transfer booking engine, hotel extranets, holiday tour packages and more. Integration of various APIs to develop the best search and booking engine for all travel products.

We found that the travel industry is facing issues due to incorrect technology. There is a need to develop advanced technology behind each click and update the tour and travel online marketing. We are holding a close bunches with the online travel technology company, who are supporting you online travel management.

The Technology

We work with Microsoft technology stack including (C#, MVC, SQL Server) which are well versed with HTML5, CSS3, Angularjs, Jquery and JavaScript. We are a learning company with our experience and technology helps us to adopt new enhancements at a very rapid pace.

Batra Travel Tech is one-stop solution for the travel software systems from dynamic packaging, GDS integration for middleware application to the travel solutions, Integration of B2B, B2E and B2C models. We also develop B2B2C models for travel portals / websites and also assist you with suppliers.

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