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Car Booking Engine

Car Booking Engine (Car Rental Software)

Integrates API's of car rental agencies with this application. We offer options of the best of travel agencies available in a particular city. Our emphasis is on the user's preferred searches between the car rental agencies. Once car selection is done, there and then the segment is redirected to the payment gateway.

One cannot take his own vehicle to the new place and left with almost nil options there. The issue produce up when they are new to place and do not have any idea of public transport, even if they know, they find it uncomfortable, here rolls in the car rental service. This service is available almost in all the major cities of India and abroad. It is a most common and used phenomenon. Not just used in vacation trips, but official/business trips too. The development of Our best online car rental system work as a bridge between the needy travelers and agencies offering such services.

The car rental service agents usually need ID proof of travelers, take nominal charges according to hours, days or weeks, even sometimes for months as well. The travel agencies link up these local agencies to the travelers and we provide the online platform to unite all, making it easy for travel agencies strike a deal in car rental service.

We develop the

best car rental online reservation software

for your travel business. While development the portal we try our best to make it user friendly and easy, while working with architecture of Batra Travel Tech online

car reservation system

, absolutely all the features were included. Batra Travel Tech offers a

complete car rental reservation software

that combines complete solutions provided by many suppliers without affecting the speed and accuracy. Our car booking software mainly helps in increasing sales of agencies rendering in car rental service. Our best car booking engine provides our vast inventory to users worldwide.

Batra Travel Tech's car booking engine is suitable for everyone from small travel agents to large scale travel companies. The admin module provides complete control to manage the rate by setting discounts / markups, and enables you to retain your customers and subsequently build a loyal customer base. A large range of aggregators are integrated into the online car reservation system and can provide you with up to 100 car rental providers worldwide. Connecting with multiple providers provides you with powerful inventory and equipment, and showing results in a systematic way is very essential in the competitive travel industry nowadays.

The development of car booking system on your portal will be a innovative and unique offering for your customers. With the help of Batra Travel Tech Car Rental Software, you can increase your revenue by increasing your reach and offerings to your customers. Using the highly-customizable car booking system, customers will receive estimate quotes, and can complete their bookings immediately. Using our car rental software, any travel company can become a global car rental distributor, whether you have an online travel portal or a professional travel agency. Despite the size and technical capabilities of your team, you can provide global car rental services through B2B and B2C to enhance your capabilities with our online car booking system.

Batra Travel Tech provides the world's best travel technology and end-to-end solutions that give your customers access to worldwide car transport solutions more than they ever find. Batra Travel Tech is the world's leading B2C and B2B travel technology platform developed best solutions for travel needs.