Flight Booking Engine

Flight Booking Engine

Best flight booking engine for travel needs

Batra Travel Tech is a emphatic  travel technology company offering best product using best travel technology development to companies deals in the travel business. Our product assist travel businesses to provide best and smoothest services to their travel customer. Through API integration of GDS like Galileo, Amadeus Travel Boutique Online (TBO) we help enhance the web-user online experience by offering them with the necessary update information. Batra Travel Tech delivers product like hotel search and booking engine, Flight search and booking engine, car rental and customized package etc. We did our work towards universally increasing the proficiency of B2B and B2C.

The flight reservation is one of the deciding parts of any

flight booking engine

. The goal of any company is to maintain a name in the industry as well as to grow their business. Flight booking engine development plays a main role in obtaining the main goal for the company. An flight booking software which works with universal GDS systems like Amadeus, Galileo and LCC flight reservation system. A good flight booking engine is the merger of the GDS flight booking system with LCC flights which helps in providing the best information of all available flights from various suppliers. Majority of travel companies are searching for development airline booking system these days for real-time data accessibility on one click.

Best online flight booking engine provides the fastest and best result for flight reservation with user-friendly interface. The efficient and effective online flight booking engine helps the company's customer to choose the best flight offered by many suppliers.

Through our best flight search and booking engine, our precious customers get the best option to choose from many flight options to meet the customer requirement.

Reason Behind The Easy Travel

user-friendly flight booking system cleared the way for travel businesses (B2B and B2C) as they could easily sell their travel products online using their travel portal. Our company provides a complete flight booking system through the integration of GDS and LCC flight booking.

Main Features

  • Live listing of flights.
  • Powerful air ticket booking system in terms performance.
  • User friendly and nice visual interface.
  • Rules and regulation for discount/markup.
  • Instant payment using payment gateway

Best Flight Booking Software

The online airlines reservation system has led to a spectacular increase in flight ticket sales making this possible for travel company to generate more business through excellent flight booking engines. Flight booking engine software cannot be useful for travel businesses without the merger of GDS and LCC service. With our experience in travel development services, we are able to developed an excellent online flight booking system to get best result through

1. Merge GDS into airline booking engine.
2. Merge LCC into airline booking engine.

The flight reservation system has largely impressed the target of travel businesses. The online flight booking system makes the process easier for customers. Users can book flight tickets online using the flight booking engine and easily search for a particular flight as per their requirement through our flight search tool. This saves them time and money as they can book a suitable flight by comparing fare and information online. If customer cancel the booking, customers can get their money back as per the policy and terms for that particular flight for the airline.

For efficient travel management in travel business operations, an effective online flight booking engine is important to meet every possible requirement. Only professionals can manage the task in a effective way as it requires which further need teamwork.

The flight ticket reservation system delivers various services to the customer such as fast flight search with best available price, secure payment gateway, seat selection and other necessary task etc. Internet has proved a great help for travel industries to understand their product for customers. This is necessary for companies to get certification from authorized organization to gain customer confidence.

Why online flight ticket booking system is required ?

The airline reservation system is required to manage the flight schedule, distribution of required information, flight ticket booking for the end user. In order to maintain the position in the market goodwill and generate profit, it is necessary for airline companies to have an effective and best reservation system.

Benefits of using a best airline reservation system?

The airline's travel management system is beneficial to both, the end-user customer and the airline company. For airline industry it has benefits such as providing accuracy of information, resolving complaints of customer, gaining customer confidence, creating goodwill of your business in market etc. For customer it has benefits like save time, fare comparison, easy and timely use of information, secure their money, Easy bookings with discounts are available from many airline companies.