Privacy Policy

General Principles

The security of your provided information is very important to us. We have developed policies to protect your personal information such as your email, phone etc. and keep it confidential.

We make every effort to protect your rights over the privacy that govern our systems and websites, but we are not liable for any unlawful or unauthorized disclosure of your personal and confidential information that is not under our control. You should note that the privacy policy of our affiliates, sponsors, advertisers or other sites from which we provide hyperlinks may differ from ours.

We classify information about you (originally referred to as "personal information"):

  • Profiling Information: The information you provide when you subscribe or register.
    • Your personal identity information like name, gender, age etc. and contact details like your address, mobile and phone number.
    • Your financial information such as your banking details, billing information and payment history at the time of booking.
  • Service Usage: Information about your bookings using our system, for example, information about flight booking destinations and flight number or hotel name and address.
  • Transaction information (other than banking details): about the activities of your e-wallet and payment methods.
  • User credentials: Username, password, email address and other security-related information that you use in connection with our system.
  • Stored information: The data you store such as passengers details to make easy selection for next booking.

By surfing our site, information about you, such as time spent with an IP address, surfing with sites, systems and programs and other similar information that we will store on our servers. We may use this information for the purpose of providing you with a safe, intuitive, and efficient experience.

Your specific identification information, such as name, address and other information, allows us to use such information for statistical and / or other purposes like promotions mails etc..

The personal identification information you submit at the time of booking with us will be given only to those who are associated with your booking. We will not disclose or sell your personal information to any unrelated third party.

We use "cookies" a data collection tools on some pages of the website to help us of our web page. A "cookie" is a small file placed on a local hard drive that helps us provide better services. We use a login service with your credentials that uses a "cookie" for inadvertent login for the day. We cannot control third parties for the use of cookies.

We like to feel your trust about using our portal to plan and book your journey from our portal, so we are committed to protecting the information you provide. We implement suitable and latest Internet security methods and technologies To prevent unauthorized access and ensure correct use of information.

Our website has strict and latest security measures under our control to prevent loss, misuse, and alteration of information. We provide secure servers whenever you modify or access your personal information. While your information is in our secure system, we follow strict security measures and protect it from unauthorized access.